David Ogunshola

Eloquence, Logic and Spiritual Passion

August 21, 2016 0 Comments
  Yes, those three elements: Eloquence, Logic and Spiritual Passion, combined were said to have made St. Augustine of Hippo one of the most significant thinkers of Church history. Of course you can’t flaw that man, except you never read any of his works. His writings are deep and he is said to probably be the most read person for that long after Apostle Paul in Church history. Many of us strongly desire to have such a level of influence and significance in our generation that will make us not just to be recognized but to be able to make and have a very long lasting impact. Then looking at these three so well and seeking to intentionally develop them and make them a part of your life may just be the way to go. Eloquence: how well am I able to communicate an idea or a theory? Am I able to address people without losing their interest and attention? When I speak or write, am I good with words and will people want to continue listening to me or reading my writings? This is one skill each person needs to develop. The skill of eloquence. I just told myself: I need to speak more and write more till this skill has been properly sharpened and horned. Logic: How well am I able to put ideas together to make sense? How well do I flip available data back and forth to make useful information and patterns out of it? Studying what people have written or their works, what amount of sense, patterns and principles am I able to deduce from it that can be expanded or applied to life? Spiritual Passion: the entirety of the two above will make little or no sense or lasting significance unless the underlying motivation and drive is fueled by deep spiritual passion. That is what will give meaning to the above others and lead to the above two.   So what action plan do you set out to follow? What kind of books would you begin to read? What kind of company will you begin to keep? and what would you begin to feed your mind with? I guess your journey to a lasting influence and significance is just about to begin. Mine has already. Share any thoughts and ideas you want to share?      

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