David Ogunshola




Design Your 2024

3-Hours of deep conversations, strategic insights and action-based positioning to give you unusual growth and advantage on the path of purpose, financial freedom and all-round success in 2024 and beyond

In life, efforts don’t always guarantee results. You can work very hard and still fail. Life does not reward you based on your efforts but based on the knowledge behind your efforts.
In the last few years, I have taken a very intense and aggressive personal journey on the path of growth and re-invention, learning the principles that control a lot of things, and for the very first time in public, I will be sharing some of the blueprints I’ve discovered, tested and proven.
We’ll be reaching deep into the foundations of the principles and philosophies that power your life and control most of your results and outcomes. Lasting change only happens at that level.
With the right knowledge, actions and network, 2024 can be the beginning of a new phase of life for you.

This meeting is for you if any of these describes you

This is NOT a goal-setting workshop and it is NOT a motivational session. It’s an intellectual conversation that will reach deep into the foundations of the principles and philosophies that run your life, enabling you to make life-navigation adjustments.


You won’t leave the meeting with just goals, but with a new blueprint for living life at a different level.