David Ogunshola – The Innovation Catalyst





Technology for Disciple Making

Presented: OIKOS Discipleship Conference organized by Every Home for Christ in Lagos.

Date: 2024

The Changing Face of Innovation: how innovations in technology determines who stays ahead.

Presented: At the Management Retreat of Everyday Foods Group

Date: January 2024

Technology tools for enhancing personal productivity

Presented: At the Annual Pastors Retreat of Insight Bible Church

Date: January 2024

Borderless Ministry: maximizing technology for the Global Harvest

Presented: At the Annual Pastors Retreat of Insight Bible Church

Date: January 2024

Multiply your influence: exerting Christicentric influence in virtual spaces

Presented: At the 514 Summit, a Movement Day event organized by Threshold Christian Network International in Abuja

Date:December 2023

Effectively Managing Children’s Screen time: tools and hacks for intentional parents

Presented: At the Intentional Parenting Conference, Uyo

Date: October 2023

Building High-Impact StartUps in Nigeria: tips to remember on your journey

Presented: At the Bincom Startup Conference

Date: 2023

Media and Technology for Effective Missions Mobilization

Presented: At the School of Mobilization (SOM) organized by Mission Enablers Africa.

Date: 2023

Demystifying STEM Education

what STEM is and why it matters

Presented: Presented in an international webinar for educators and education stakeholders.

Date: 2023

How to make more money as an employed professional

Presented: At Touch the Future Teachers Conference 2.0

Date: April 2023

Thriving in Adversity

Presented: During the Success Seminar at Insight Bible Church.

Date: March 2023

Good Success

Keys and Principles for Balanced Success

Presented: During the Success Seminar of Insight Bible Church.

Date: March 2023

Enhancing Employability

Standing out in an overcrowded marketplace

Presented: the Graduate Advancement Program (GAP 5.0) organized by the School of Mentorship.

Date: January 2023

Mobilizing your Church for Effective Soul winning

Presented: At the Exponential Conference organized by the Elevation Church, Pistis Centre, Lagos.

Date: 2023

God's Forces of Missions

How God works to accomplish His Mission

Presented: At a missions summit for Nigerians in Diaspora

Date: January 2023

Financial Planning & Goal Setting

Taking control of your personal and family finances

Presented: An end-of-year planning workshop for families.

Date: 2021

Parental Control on Internet-Enabled Devices & TV

Presented: during an Intentional Parenting Workshop at Brainy Hive Schools

Date: 2021

Harnessing technology for competitive advantage

Presented: At the Executive Exclusive Business Seminar organized by the Joseph Business School for top business executives in Port Harcourt.

Date: 2021

Skyglow: we're losing our skies

Exploring and understanding light pollution

Presented: During Science Week at Brainy Hive Schools to spark curiosity and scientific conversations among students.

Date: 2022