David Ogunshola



My Dreams for Missions

My Dreams for Missions

My Dreams for Missions​

There are a few things that make my heart beat faster. They are things I pray, hope and wish that God would enable me to be able to respond to.
  1. I want to see everyone around me find their places in Gods global purpose.
  2. I want to see missionaries well funded & resourced and their kids living normal lives
  3. When missionaries want to take a break from their fields and stations, just to spend time with their families, relax, recoup and re-energize, I want them to have a place that gives them the comfort, serenity and connection to God that they so strongly desire, at no cost at all to them
  4. When missionaries have served long enough on the field and are ready to retire, it is my desire to see them have a normal life to fall back to and have avenues and channels to maximize their experience and wealth of knowledge to further equip the body and the enterprise
I know these are not issues that connect with everybody, but for me, the vantage point God has given me is one that helps me to see these are real needs, and I am committed to using my life to meet and at least make a good attempt to respond to these needs. If you share same passion, dreams or sentiments, you are welcome to connect with me on these issues. Lets talk and pray about it together and lets see where and how the Lord leads us.