David Ogunshola – The Innovation Catalyst

Reposition your career for the future of tech

Tech is transforming the world and impacting every industry – from banking to medicine, education, travel, media, manufacturing, governance and everything in between. Professionals in different industries are concerned that jobs are being taken over by artificial intelligence and many people are becoming obsolete on their jobs, but that is only a fraction of the truth.

The main truth is that AI is catalyzing massive innovation and growth in different industries and jobs that require AI or machine learning will expand by 71% in the next five years. Almost every job today requires more than just a baseline understanding of how tech works. The question is not whether you’ll be replaced in your industry, the question is are you positioned for this tech-driven future?

Reposition for Tech is an IT immersion and transition coaching program for non-tech professionals who want to position themselves for the future of technology in their industry, be able to combine their expertise with tech at a professional level, pivot their careers around the tech revolution or transition completely from their current industry into IT.

My name is David Ogunshola and I have about 15 years front-row experience in the tech industry. I have built more than four businesses powered by IT, led the development of software products in different sectors, consulted for businesses in different domains and have built training curricula for teaching tech, including Africa’s first coding textbooks for children. I understand how tech is shaping the world and the role AI is playing in industries and I advise organizations on how to position for the future of tech.

In this program, I work with professionals from  different fields and industries who want to acquire sufficient IT knowledge and skills to remain relevant in their industries and position their careers for the growth and opportunities that the tech revolution is bringing.


This is not a regular school or online course, it is a guided coaching program where I curate learning content that would give you the most relevant and practical understanding of tech, helping you see how they apply to your industry and profession.

By the end of this coaching program, you will

  • – Understand clearly how the tech industry works, especially the tech inventions that are changing your industry and be able to make better professional decisions
  • – Be skilled enough to take on new jobs, roles and opportunities in your field
  • – Be able to combine your existing specialty with leading technologies to provide new value to your industry
  • – Have the foundation needed to pivot your career around tech or make a total transition into tech if you choose to.

What you get in the program

  1. Curated learning content. You won’t be responsible for searching for what to learn. I collect and create some of the best, easy to understand and relevant learning content that explains everything you need to know in a way that non-tech professionals can understand. Your time is valuable, so why spend 45 minutes watching a video that explains what you can learn in 5 minutes by watching the right video.
  2. Guided coaching. In most online learning, you can’t ask your tutor what you don’t understand. That’s why I am there. I’ll be personally available to answer your questions and help you understand complex topics and examples contextualised to your industry. This is the purpose of our weekly coaching meetings.
  3. Community. You’ll have a community of other like minded professionals who are taking a similar journey. They’ll keep you motivated, challenged and accountable. 

Who is this program for?​

    • This program is NOT for job seekers trying to learn tech to get employed. 
  • It is for professionals in non-IT fields seeking to learn software and IT skills to become more productive and strategic in their current professions 
  • Professionals seeking to pivot their current career around tech realities or transition out of their current industry into tech.
  • Entrepreneurs and business leaders who desire to understand the technologies on which their businesses run, and how best to work with developers or tech professionals serving their businesses.

What we'll cover through the program

  1. Coding with Python: to understand how computers think and how Artificial Intelligence is built, we’ll learn to code with Python, the world’s leading programming language. Don’t worry, you don’t need any prior experience and I’ll make it easy and fun.
  2. Data Analytics: You’ll learn how data is organized & stored on the internet and on servers, how to create, manage and query databases using SQL and how to visualize data intelligently for business & professional use.
  3. Web & Cloud Technologies: You’ll learn how the web works, how apps and websites communicate, and the technologies for creating, managing & securing websites , apps & software.
  4. Artificial Intelligence: you’ll learn about leading AI inventions and how they apply to industry. This section will be tailored to the needs of professionals in the cohort.
  5. Industry Application of Tech: we’ll have lots of conversations as to how technology applies to industry and lots of ideas come up during these conversations.

Bonus: how to create high-impact killer slides for unforgettable presentations that stand you out every time.

Duration, Cost and Requirements

  • Duration: 3 months of curated self-learning + weekly coaching meetings (total of 12 weeks)
  • Cost: $600 (N450,000). Flexible payment options available to allow you pay in up to 3 installments. (10% discount is available for early-bird & outright payment). Payments can be made in Naira for participants from Nigeria.

  • Time Requirements: to get the best out of this program, you will need to make a weekly commitment of 5-6 hours in combined practical self-study and live coaching meetings. Coaching meetings will be live on zoom.

Next cohort begins in October 2023

Once the cohort is filled up, other requests will be added to a wait-list for the next cohort.

If you need additional information, please send me an email at david.ogunshola@yahoo.com