Activism and Aluta won’t change Nigeria, but Strategy will.

Hopes Dashed When the ENDSARS protests began in late 2020, many young Nigerians thought this was it. We believed this was our opportunity to finally bring about the much-desired change that Nigeria needs. “Finally, the youth have come together with one voice and this old-cargo generation of manipulative and corrupt politicians who are not willing…

Doing Missions in the Digital Age (Video)

Technology has changed the way we do everything in the world today. This is not different for the missionary enterprise. In what ways do the digital advancements our generation is experiencing create new opportunities for the advancement of the Gospel. A few thoughts have been shared in this video.

How to Discover and Pursue your Purpose – Part 1

What is my purpose on earth? Why am I here? What was I born or created to do? Is my life making any sense? Is this the right step for me to take now? If you have found yourself asking any of these questions, then you are at the right place.  You are not alone….

My Missionary Chronicles: Ogoja Refugee Settlements

In 2019, I accidentally got to meet a few Cameroonian refugees on transit, fleeing their country in search of safety. This has become a journey of more than one year now. Let me give you a speed ride of this journey.

Created to die – a parable of chickens and purpose

I remember a story my father used to tell to illustrate a life of purpose. A man bought two chickens, fed them and took care of them. His goal was that by Christmas that year, they would be grown enough and would be slaughtered as Christmas chicken. Every day he fed them, he was picturing…

Maybe we needed to be slowed down.

This evening while playing badminton with my wife at home, we sat on the balcony and watched others play, as we talked, she reminded me that this was the third day in a row we have played. Very unusual. But she loved it. The typical us are always busy – and what keeps us busy…

Solved: I cannot access the internet using my mobile data

I use a Gionee android device and for about three weeks I could not access the internet using my mobile data. It either tells me “No Internet” or “Your Internet Access has been Blocked” meanwhile I have no firewall or anything network restricting app. Surprisingly, when I share the data to my laptop via a…

Why leaders fall (when they get to the top)

We have been made to believe that leadership skill is everything, and so the moment young people begin to aspire or rise to leadership responsibility, there is a heavy emphasis on developing the right set of leadership skills. This explains why we have so many workshops, seminars, trainings and courses all focused on improving skill…

Why you don’t get blessed for sowing seeds in Church

With the massive increase in Christian ministers constantly asking for seeds and special offerings after preaching (something very popular of Nigerian preachers), I will show you why giving those offerings and special seeds will not guarantee your blessings, upliftment or financial liberation from poverty – the very baits most minsters use to coerce you into…

Rethinking how your church collects offering

No pastor wants to lead a church that is financially struggling. Limited funds mean you can do less ministry and reach less people – except your church is a different kind that doesn’t pay bills. Your church is a non-profit organization because it runs and operates on the offerings (free will donations) of its members….