David Ogunshola

David Ogunshola

Creating multi-sector brilliance

My work creates transformative value for individuals, organizations and nations, expressed through tech, education, business & faith.

Shining brightly in multiple worlds.

I personify God’s creative intelligence, powered by a grace that makes excellence and complexity look simple and achievable, because actually, they are. Phil 4:13

The different hats I wear on different days.

Innovation Catalyst

I inspire creativity and innovation among children between ages 5 and 16, teaching coding and entrepreneurial skills that prepares and positions each child to launch their first startup before their 18th birthday. I create learning resources and pathways to help parents, teachers, schools and governments raise an innovative generation.

I’m the Author of Early Coding for Kids – a set of computer programming textbooks for primary and secondary schools and the Founder of “Pathway to Innovation” a learning curriculum for producing young innovators and I run multiple STEM training programs for educators.

Transformational Entrepreneur

I lead impact-driven businesses in tech, STEM and Education.


I’m the co-founder of Brainy Hive Schools – a future-driven K-12 school working to raise a different breed of students. I’m also the founder and CEO of Daveshoope – a software development and consulting company serving businesses in different sectors and which owns innovative products in EdTech,  ChurchTech and HR. Our apps SchoolX and SmartChurch powers schools and churches across Nigeria.

Consultant, Strategist & Trainer

I use my multi-sector experience and multi-disciplinary training to bring unusual insight, ideas and strategic perspectives that shape the future of businesses and organisations. I have degrees from the fields of Science, Arts and Education combined with certifications and experience that I bring to boards and strategic committees.

I run training and coaching programs such as Reposition for Tech a 12-week tech transition and repositioning coaching program for non-tech professionals, Slide Creation Masterclass a training for professionals on making amazing presentations, and much more.

Purpose Discovery Coach

I am passionate about guiding young people on their journey of discovering purpose and living a life of maximum impact. I run different layers of mentorship programs for boys, teenagers and young career starters, helping them achieve balanced and lasting success early in life.

Conference Speaker

I speak at conferences and meetings, and facilitate high impact trainings, seminars and workshops both nationally and internationally. My gift of teaching enables me simplify complex subjects and expand truths and principles to bring out actionable insights that transform individuals, audiences or entire organizations.

Missions Mobilizer

When I’m not in a business or board meeting, I am off to some unreached places to help people find their way to Jesus, or I’m somewhere mobilizing others to do same. I am the founder of Backseat Adventures, a project documenting the lives and stories of Nigerian missionaries and I serve as a Missions Pastor in my local church – Insight Bible Church among many other ministry and leadership roles.

It's okay to be many things.

Have you ever felt like you’re more than the box people try to define you by? If you do, then you’re perfectly okay, because God has deposited so much in you that only one channel cannot sufficiently express. You don’t need anyone’s permission to bring out all that God has put in you. Be free to be many things. Don’t put a full stop where God intends to put a comma. You can be a professional, an entrepreneur, a minister, an artist, writer, singer and much more. Don’t wait for anybody’s permission to be you, because  I’m not.