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How giving students independent accessibility to learning materials will transform your classroom

April 17, 2023 0 Comments

As educators, we talk a lot about developing 21st-century skills in students as we prepare them for the future, especially the future of work, innovation and entrepreneurship. We are very aware of the gaps and limitations in our educational and learning systems, but we seldom talk about practical solutions to these gaps.

In my new Education Series on #RaisingInnovators, I will be sharing share practical ideas for teachers, school owners and education policymakers on how to bridge
these gaps in 21st-century learning and develop future-ready skills in
students such as creativity, problem-solving, curiosity, critical
thinking, scientific and engineering-design thinking, collaboration and

Weekly, each post in this series will highlight something that teachers can implement in their classrooms irrespective of the subjects they teach.
Rasing innovators is not limited to those who teach STEM-based subjects, it is something every teacher should do at all levels of learning. Indeed, education is ground zero, and until our learning processes change, the outcomes will not change.

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