About David Ogunshola

David Ogunshola combines so many things in one single person. He is an Entrepreneur and Business Leader, a Missions Mobilizer and Strategist, Developer, Writer, Traveler and a keen Student of Leadership.

As a passionate Missions Mobilizer – he works to help people discover purpose and live their lives to make the most sense for God’s Kingdom. He coordinates several mobilization efforts around Nigeria and beyond. He serves as Head of Mobilization for CDM Foundation Inc – a Christian non-profit working in 4 African countries. He coordinates the Missions Desk of Insight Bible Church based in Uyo – Nigeria. He founded and coordinates Mobilize Nigeria Network  – a mobilization network building momentum within the Nigerian Church to send workers and finance the Great Commission. He is also the founder of The Obadiah Foundation – a non profit that specially cares for Kingdom workers and their families working around the world, and helping make plans for the retirement of missionaries. David serves in the leadership of several other movements and organizations like the Nigeria Evangelical Missions Association (NEMA), and is also a facilitator of EQUIP – the Pastoral Leadership Development arm of the Insight Christian Leadership School.

Asides ministry and non-profits, David is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and co-founded several thriving businesses. He is founder of Daveshoope Webmasters a Web and IT solutions company that serves several clients and owns several brands and platforms including EverySermon.com – an online digital content marketplace, HostFlexi.net – a web hosting company and IndiGO SMS – an android application that provides BulkSMS solutions. He is also co-founder and CEO of D&L Goodybag  a national multi-level grocery retail company that has presence all over Nigeria. David is co-founder of Brainy Hive Kids Care, an early childhood learning facility in Uyo, and many other small businesses. He strongly believes that enterprise is a viable tool to address several world problems, disciple people and transform nations.

David is a speaker and coach who speaks on several topics including Leadership, Career, Purpose, Family and Balance. Starting recently, he now carries out research on some relevant issues and provide consulting and advisory using data from his findings, especially in the areas of organizational management, with a particular interest in Boards and Non-Profits.

He travels a lot due to the many things he does, and this feeds his passion for photography and adventure and helps him gain several new perspectives to his writings and speaking.

David’s experiences vary greatly across sectors, industries and cultures and he is involved with several teams, networks and projects around the world.

He says about himself “I realize that wherever I am, I have one mission – make God heard, seen and known. I may have cracks and breaks, but this makes the perfume sip out even better.We live in a world full of chaos, and we know that Jesus is the answer to all the chaos of the world. But for us to present the world with the answers, we need to be engaged in the conversations of the world. I therefore consider it part of my responsibility to be positioned in the different crossroads of life where my skills, training, work, ministry and businesses create avenues for me to engage today’s world with Jesus.”


Twitter: @ogunsholadavid