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About David

About David

David the Entrepreneur

On a mission to make the next generation better than this. STEM, Education and Software Entrepreneur. Teacher and Conference Speaker. Missions Mobilizer.

Founder of Daveshoope , a Tech Consulting and Strategy firm that builds software and provides consulting services to businesses and organizations. Products owned by Daveshoope include SchoolX, SmartChurch, SmartCon etc.

Co-Founder of Brainy Hive Schools in Uyo, Nigeria, an innovative K-12 school providing future-driven education for children from Preschool to Secondary School.

Founder of The STEM Academy by Daveshoope, a coding, tech, and startup school for children and teens, teaching children to think, code, create and build businesses

Author of Early Coding for Kids, Africa's first curriculum-based computer programming textbooks for children

David the Teacher & Mentor

David is actively involved in teaching and educating. He runs a weekly session with the boys at Brainy Hive Schools called “Boy’s Talk” where he tries to help these young boys to grow into fine and balanced gentlemen by addressing issues that are usually not talked about by many parents, are not found in most school curriculums, and even places of worship don’t address them. To a lot of people, he is Teacher David. He also mentors many career starters trying to find their footing in business or entrepreneurship.

David the Missions Mobilizer

As a Missions Mobilizer – he helps people discover their purpose and live their lives with the highest impact and significance. He volunteers with  CDM Foundation Inc – a missionary organization working in 4 African countries. He coordinates the Missions Desk of Insight Bible Church based in Uyo – Nigeria. He is the founder of The Backseat Adventures Project – a project documenting and writing the biographies and stories of African missionaries. David also serves in different capacities on the leadership of several other faith-based organizations and non-profits.

David the Speaker & Mentor

He speaks regularly at conferences and events across the nation on several topics. His areas of focus and greatest strength while speaking include themes around: Education, Purpose, Leadership, Business, Missions and Personal Development.

David the Strategist

One of David’s strengths is his ability to think through situations and come up with breakthrough ideas. This has made him a very sought-after person in strategy sessions. He helps many businesses think through problems and serves on numerous committees. He also has a strong passion for true national transformation and is very involved in political advocacy, mobilization and strategy.

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