You can’t have a ‘head’ and claim there is no God

October 25, 2015 3 Comments
I am fully convinced that anyone who has gotten to the point of doubting the existence of God has truly lost his capacity to think. This is because everything around us and in us are screaming, shouting, pointing and showing the existence of one whom our minds cannot fully comprehend. And I think that’s the point really, to understand the existence of God is something only a sound mind can do, and so it’s points out the level of retardation in one’s mind for him not to ‘see’ God all around. But my bigger concern is this; what is happening to our generation such that on a daily basis, more and more people are losing their ability to think? It truly bothers me to see someone claim to have a mind, claim to have in him the ability to think, and yet fail to realize that common sense tells us there is a God somewhere, bigger than our limited minds. I agree more than ever that he who says there is no God is without any doubt foolish and has lost every sense of basic reasoning ability. No apologies to atheists, but it’s just the stupidest thing anyone can become. I’ve tried to think of it:
  • Can you explain agriculture to me? How seeds grow, become plants and bear fruits? Who can claim to have understanding of this mystery?
  • Can you explain how a baby’s body grows, and her bones, senses and mind develops?
  • Can  you fathom how the human hair grows? Seemingly dead tissue but keeps growing from nowhere…
  • Who can explain the mystery of the sea and all the life in it?
  • Talk about the balance between night and day, temperatures, seasons… and these are not even the complex issues yet
No, you cannot have the capacity to reason and yet not understand that there is someone somewhere making things happen beyond you. The acceptance of the existence of God is the evidence of a sound mind, then the knowledge and understanding of God is the beginning of wisdom. I rest my case. Go think.  


  • KIA

    October 26, 2015

    could I ask to which version of God are you referring? -KIA

    • David Ogunshola

      October 26, 2015

      You sure know in your mind the very God I am referring to. Except of course you choose to tell yourself that your mind is not telling you anything, which you also know is not true. – David

      • KIA

        October 26, 2015

        your response is a bit confusing, but the reason I asked is that god is a pretty broad term that many people that hold many different concepts define in many different ways. i just wanted to see which concept you are referring to. try again?

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