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Solved: I cannot access the internet using my mobile data

December 28, 2018 0 Comments
I use a Gionee android device and for about three weeks I could not access the internet using my mobile data. It either tells me “No Internet” or “Your Internet Access has been Blocked” meanwhile I have no firewall or anything network restricting app. Surprisingly, when I share the data to my laptop via a hotspot, the laptop browses well. At the same time, when I connect the phone to a wi-fi network, it browses well. After seeing many “experts” with no solution, and after trying everything I could on my phone, I later stumbled into the solution – which is what I will be sharing with you here.

The Problem: somehow, your apps have been set not to access the internet on mobile data.

How this settings comes about may differ. I don’t remember getting to that part of my phone, but hey, I have three toddlers. So I don’t need to search too far.

Let’s Go Straight to the solution

  1. Locate the “All Apps” icon on your phone desktop screen
2.  Scroll through all your apps to the “system manager” or you can go straight to your system manager if it is directly on your phone desktop 3. Click on the “Traffic Monitor”. (In case your phone doesn’t have the same names as mine, look for the setting that seems to somehow describe the network configurations) 4.  Next you will see a “Control Networking” button. Click on that 5. Finally it will show you two tabs – Data Network and WLAN network. Of course depending on where you are having the problems, in my own case, all the apps were disabled for Data networks. I simply clicked on the allow all button which gave all my apps the permission to access the internet. And that was it. I however noticed that even under the WLAN tab, some specific apps were disabled such as Youtube, and for a while I had been unable to watch youtube from my phone. I simply enabled the app and that was it. Right now every app on my phone is able to access the internet and this is a great relief. Solved. Let me know if this works for you. If you found another solution, please share the link in the comments below. Cheers.

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