David Ogunshola

Just another man… without Him

July 15, 2013 0 Comments
When the Holy Spirit runs in your veins, your mind and sight is transformed to become like that of God. You see the whole world as just one object. You see everything as possible and do-able. Nations become like pieces on an object, you get so energetic and enthusiastic. At that point, you feel you can do anything – and you really can. You just want to start getting things in order, and at this point, the normal man cannot understand you. But when you get Him punctured out or reduced to just one corner – mostly by sin, you become just another man; another object in a very big world. You discover that in yourself you really can get nothing done. You see how small and insignificant you truly are, and that’s why in order to be able to do anything tangible in this world, you cannot operate from within yourself alone, you have to operate from another realm. The strength and inspiration you are able to muster can get you nowhere, your source has to be the supernatural – the Holy Spirit.

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