David Ogunshola

Get The Right Information

February 25, 2013 0 Comments
Last week, I was supposed to connect a flight from Douala in Cameroon to Ndjamena in Chad, but while waiting at the Douala airport for the check-in to begin, one of those guys who hang around airports trying to make a living and who earlier had tried with no success to get me to buy some of his products and services which include selling padlocks, luggage wraps and possibly advisory services walks up to me again and informs me that the flight I am waiting for has been re-scheduled and will now leave about 12 hours later at3:00 am. He went further to advise or recommend that he could help me locate a bar or a shop near the airport where I could get a good place to seat, buy some drinks and possibly pay someone to watch over my luggage while I catch some sleep. To him this sounded like a good idea and a way out of my current predicament. But the first question I asked myself is, “who is this guy to tell me what to do, he is not even the one supposed to give me the information about my delayed flight. He doesn’t work for the airline company, yet he comes to me like though he has a stake in my journey”. I simply chose to ignore his information and walk right into the airline office and speak with the airline boss at that airport. He confirms the delay to me and tells me the flight is to leave at 5:00am the next morning and asks that I wait a few minutes for specific information. Minutes later an airline representative comes to inform me that I (and other passengers) will be taken to a hotel where we would sleep and will be brought back to the airport at 3:00 am for check-in. And that’s exactly what happened. As I think back at the whole incidence, I see a pattern that plays itself out in our lives over and over again. We let total strangers, people who have no stake in our lives or destinies and don’t even have correct facts about our lives to be the ones giving us information. I’m talking about circumstances, events, status quo, sometimes even human vessels in form of friends, peers, seers or family to be the ones giving us facts about our life and going ahead to recommend possible solutions for us. Many times we end up listening to them and settling for much much less in life, when we have the option of walking right to the one who has the facts about us and who has amazing plans for us that we cannot imagine, plans that by far outweighs what looks like the only option we are presented with. It occurs to me that I could have spent that night in a very uncomfortable place, paying for my food, paying someone to watch my bags and still be exposed to countless insecurities and dangers. But the simple act of hearing from the one who has the say and the plan, I ended up being driven to a nice hotel, served the best of food, offered the best of service and had the best of security. God is the only one who has the final say over your life. He is the One who has promised that He has the best plan for your life. Why live your life based on what your circumstances tell you. Why listen to what people think is best for you, when you can simply find out what God has in plan for you. You can live your life that way and you will be living the normal average life because you will see many others living that way, but if you choose to live an abundant life that supersedes the normal, then you need to go back to Him who has the master plan.

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