David Ogunshola

In search of the real me.

July 31, 2011 0 Comments
Everyman is like a timeline, having a start point and an end point. The difference between your life and the movie is that you don’t play by a pre-rehearsed script. You write your scripts as you move on in life. The choices and decisions you make, major or minor, from the very day you knew your name sums up together to produce the script of your life. How do we ensure that we write the right scripts to land us at the expected end of our timeline? Now thats the big question, and that is where most people, especially the young and trendy get it all mixed up. Amazingly, every road has signs and guide signals for travellers driving along – most especially drivers new to that road. Its now left for the driver to correctly interprete the road signs. Life’s journey is full of road signs and guides that help us drive through, most especially because we’ve never travelled this path before. And thats the sole aim of this blog, – to help you notice and correctly interprete the signs placed by He who made the roads in order to ensure a smooth trip and a beautiful timeline. Who you’re made to be has already been decided. Whether or not you become the real you depends on the present you. I have decided I’m taking a journey in search of the real me, you can choose to come along if you wish. It’s something only me can do for myself and only you can do for yourself. I invite you to come along, or if you mind, see you at the other end!

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