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As you make your choices in life

April 22, 2014 0 Comments
No matter what you want to do with your life, you will always have enough reasons and find enough justification to do it. So the question of whether you are fully persuaded about something or not is in most cases a self-made escape route that just sounds right and that you can use to make yourself feel good about doing or refusing to do something. The truth however is that twenty years down the line, you will be a product of the decisions you make today, and most of the things you will regret are the things that you refused to do even when you knew or felt they were the right things to do. Now face the facts, you are still young and probably have a longer life ahead of you than you do behind you. As you sit down to take the tough choices that are going to play out on who you become in future, use this as a guide:
  • Take out all factors of what people will say. Assume there is nobody you are trying to impress or there are no people who are having high expectations about whether you fail or lose in life. Just imagine that the only person whose opinion counts here is you.
  • Take out all considerations about your personal welfare and upkeep. Assume that enough provision is going to be made available for everything you do desire in the future, so you are not really thinking about earning a pay.
  • Picture that your life is a cinema movie and there is a grand stand where everybody is going to eventually see whatever you did and the choices you made, and you really want to present a brave and heroic ending to your life.
What would be your choices in life then? You’re just graduating from school and are thinking about what next to do with your life, with the above considerations, will you still want to do the things you are choosing to do? Are you sure that you will be proud of your life if you take and follow this path? As you navigate your way through life, always remember the ultimate words of Jesus – “whoever wants to keep his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find real life”. How best can you live your life to be most strategic and impactful in life? Do you want to be a 20th or 30th where many have been or do you want to pioneer a walk into where very few have ventured? As you consider your options, think globally. See the world the way God sees it. Look at the Nations and discover how best you can live your life to attract eternal attention. My call is simple. Don’t settle to become an insignificant mediocre when there are opportunities for you to be a star. I paraphrase what Steve Hawthorne said – “there are many other things you can consider doing with your life, but you can never come up with something more interesting, valuable, lasting and bigger than working with God in His purpose for the world”.

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