Are we just PCs?

October 17, 2012 0 Comments
In the end, we are all like computers. Same hardware, but what determines the functionality of our hardware is the isoftware that drives us from within. Everybody began with the same Operating System, but somewhere along the line, some of us went for an upgrade. Wow! This new OS? Amazing. Can’t be described. You just need to try it out. 100% reversible. Most fascinating about it though is this – its FREE. The developer has placed in on special offer – not indefinitely though, but for now, just take your system if you desire an OS upgrade. Lots of bonus Apps attached. The former OS is also kind of nice though, cool interface, lots of free Apps, easy to navigate, no restrictions, no security  – its just the default. Functionality wise, you cant compare it with the upgrade. Its also free, but not a match for the upgrade – at the same price, Its all your choice! The only difference is this: NO PARTITIONING. You can only run one OS at a time. Switching is allowed, but not without effects to your Hard Drive and possibly sensitive system files. Research hasn’t proven all the risks involved in frequent swithes yet.
I just love this new OS upgrade, and I think I know a few upgrade centres.

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